Winter 2017


Winter is here in the Pacific Northwest and it has been a cold one so far! I am always trying to find ways to chase away the dark winter about you? I would love to know how you do the same with these long dark days.

Here are a few of my tips:

  • I love lighting fragrant candles to brighten up our home and enjoy the warm light and fragrance.
  • It's nice to connect with nature by taking my dog Poppy* for a walk. Even if its raining, the moisture is good for the senses. * my four-legged therapist
  • Taking a nice hot bath with renewing bath salts is great for removing toxins and letting your skin breathe. Add some nice soothing music and you have your very own spa experience!
  • Fresh flowers; George loves flowers in our home and since he has an Ikebana class each week, we have lovely fresh flowers to delight our visual and sight senses.
  • Invest in good skin care products. I just had a significant birthday (aren't they all!) and my BFF Diane, gave me the wonderful gift of Paula's Choice Skin care regiment. I am also in love with CeraVe Hydrating Body wash. The ceramides activate with water. Once you try this terrific product,  you will be hooked!
  • Bake: Research has shown that it is quite therapeutic to make something with your very own hands.  Here is the link for a cake I recently whipped up and it was delish! And it starts with a Duncan Hines (my favorite) cake mix! As Ina says "How easy is that?"
  • Last and not least: Hug someone you love! The power of touch, well in my opinion, it changes everything!